• Gambling With Discipline

    Of all the keys to winning, this one sounds the simplest, but it is the hardest of them all. Most of us understand the value of discipline, especially when it comes to our money. This is accentuated when we talk about the casino environment. Everything in the casino is designed to separate us from any sense of reality. The casinos are a wondrous land, where everything seems possible, as long as you still have money. Money is the lifeblood of all of this excitement. Without it, you are nothing more than a dead wood, and you will be flushed out in a hurry. Having discipline as part of your winning objectives saves you from the inglorious fate of being washed clean, hung out to dry, and tossed away as yet another victim of the ill-prepared and unwary. Having discipline as part of your tricks of the trade when you go gambling simply means to make the commitment to play wisely, with reason, with goals in mind. If you want to have your "mad time," that's okay too. Budget for it, realize it, recognize it, place it as part of your overall game plan. Even that can become part of your discipline, as long as you don't let the thrill overwhelm you or allow it to completely drown all your plans and your discipline along with it.

    Unfortunately, making a commitment to self-discipline when going to the casino, is very easy. Keeping to it once you get to the casino is very hard. So hard, in fact, that most individuals who arrive at the casino completely convinced they will not allow this experience to get the better of them do just that. And fast, often as soon as they walk through the door. Suddenly, they see the excitement, the games, the flashing lights, the sounds of money and chips, the entire atmosphere captures them. In the door they go, and out the door go all of their well-meaning and carefully conceived plans. Also their sense of discipline. It happens to just about everyone, even hardened veterans of the casino lifestyle. All of us are human beings, and we are not perfect. We have failures, and the lack of discipline is the greatest failure of all. Most people who go to casinos don't understand what "discipline" really is or how it applies to their gaming success or financial failure.

    Discipline in gambling simply means to remain conscious of the value of your money, and conscious of your desired goals and objectives. It means, mostly, to not allow yourself to be drawn into the very comfortable, but very financially deadly, sense of "why not, it's only money" syndrome. Once you have experience the casino lifestyle a few times, you will often hear many people say things like that. These people are trapped in the losses they have incurred and are now trying to rationalize it for themselves. They don't expect anyone else to be listening to them, or to really understand what expressions such as this really mean.They have resigned themselves to the loss of all their money, and to the "I no longer care" attitude. That's the danger sign. Once you stop caring about the value of the money you are using to play, or are winning, then you have lost the discipline that comes with realizing that this money isn't just coins, tokens, or gaming chips. This money actually spends, the way it does when buying food or gas for your car, when paying bills, and so on. It is real money, and it has real meaning. Discipline means to remember this, and play accordingly.

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